What is Kodi? How does it work Kodi?

What is Kodi? How does it work Kodi?

Kodi on Android PC Smartphone or tablet?

Kodi or formerly XBMC, is an open source multimedia player that has the particularity of having a multitude of extensions, some of which will allow you to play movies and series in streaming.

What are the modules of Kodi!

It has several modules TV, Movies, Music, Video, IPTV, Radio with a wide range of extension see the extension of Kodi

It is a success.

A concentrate dedicated to all your multimedia content (movies, series, music and photos) that will sit elegantly in your living room: an essential software.
In a way it is a very good player streaming video stream present here and there on the web.
If it is so famous, it is that this software, available for Windows, OS X and Linux, has in the stomach.

What can I do ?

As mentioned above, he knows how to manage all your multimedia content in the best possible way.
Whether it's movies, photos or music, this player generates libraries from your files.

The application is available on all platforms with the same interface.

How to install on PC - How? here
How to install on Smartphone or Tablet - How? here
To begin, you must first download the application
Download the latest PC version - Click Here or Here
Download Mobile Version - Here

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